Chacon Post Office

Chacon Post Office

Chacon is a settlement about seven miles north of Holman on the Rio Mora. The settlement was first known as El Rito de Agua Negra which means "the stream of the black water" because of the sulfur in the Rio Mora.

Diego Chacon petitioned for a post office to be established and suggested his family name for the office. He also recommended himself for the postmaster position. The petition was approved and Diego opened the Chacon Post Office on September 10, 1894. The mail was routed to Watrous on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad (AT&SF RR). It was carried to Cleveland on a star route and then to Chacon on another route out of Cleveland. Chacon had a hard time keeping a postmaster in the office. Diego, after getting the office opened, must have become bored with the routine. After only eight months in the office, he resigned his commission and turned the office over to Manuel Lucero on May 23, 1895.

Manuel set a record for the shortest postmaster term in the office. After only twenty-one days, he transferred the office to Eulogio Lucero on June 13. It is very likely that Manuel failed to secure a bond for the position.

Eulogio served the community for over thirteen years and relinquished the position to Manuel Borrego on January 31, 1914. Manuel remained as the postmaster for one year.

Norberto Bernal was appointed to replace Manuel on January 21, 1915. After seven and a half years, he was replaced by a new political appointee, Eulogia Melendez, on June 20, 1922.

Postmaster Melendez passed away on July 27, 1937, with fifteen years in the office. Gavino Lopez was selected to succeed her as the postmaster.

By 1938, the terminus of the star routes had changed. The mail was routed to Las Vegas on the AT&SF RR and dispatched to Chacon. The country and weather were ideal for both farming and ranching. The population of the area continued to increase in the first half of the century. By 1940, the Chacon Post Office was serving about 1,500 residents.

Ruth Garcia became the eighth postmaster to serve the Chacon community on March 9, 1945. With a little less than ten years, she vacated the position and transferred the office to Acting Postmaster Juan Duran on September 8, 1954. Juan served until Mrs. Mickie Cordova was appointed postmaster on July 15, 1955.

Daniel Ortega became the new postmaster on November 8, 1957. He held the position about a year and a half before resigning.

Alicia Vigil was appointed to the postmaster position on July 15, 1959. After serving the residents of Chacon for eleven years as the postmaster, she retired on June 26, 1970, and was replaced by Dorothy Vigil.

With the discontinuance of the Railway Post Office service in 1967, the mail transportation was again changed. The mail was routed to Albuquerque and sent to Las Vegas on a Highway Contract Route.

Dolly Gallegos was selected to be the thirteenth postmaster. Her promotion was effective on April 4, 1980. In June of 1982, the postal operations were moved into a 450 square foot postal leased trailer. Postmaster Dolly Gallegos had the dubious pleasure of moving into the new facility. Dolly vacated the postmaster position at Chacon to be the postmaster at Holman on January 8, 1994. She had served the community as their postmaster for almost fourteen years.

Jennie Fresquez was selected to serve as the Officer-in-Charge of the office on January 10, 1994. Jennie describes the winters as "very harsh with lots of snow and blowing winds. The neighboring communities have nick named Chacon as Little Alaska. Jennie was appointed to the postmaster position on July 23, 1994. In 1995 the Chacon Post Office brought in $9,091.17 in revenue. This was a very impressive increase of 151% over the 1990 revenue of $3,622.84. Jennie was doing well in "little Alaska."

Postmaster Appointment Date
Diego A. Chacon September 10, 1894
Manuel Lucero May 23, 1895
Eulogio M. Lucero June 13, 1895
Manuel Borrego January 31, 1914
Norberto Bernal January 21, 1915
Eulogia M. Melendez June 20, 1922
Gavino Lopez July 28, 1937
Ruth D. (Duran) Garcia March 9, 1945
Juan J. Duran (acting) September 8, 1954
Mrs. Mickie M. Cordova July 15, 1955
Luis Daniel Ortega November 8, 1957
Alicia L. Vigil July 15, 1959
Dorothy M. Vigil June 26, 1970
Dolly M. Gallegos April 4, 1980
Jennie Fresquez January 10, 1994

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