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Holman is a ranching and farming community five miles northwest of Mora. The area where the settlement was founded was originally called San Antonio lo de Mora or El Valle de San Antonio. The settlement was later called Agua Negra meaning "Black Water". The Agua Negra post office was established in this community and served intermittently until 1892.

Charles W. Holman opened his store and submitted the petition to reestablish a post office. He requested his surname be used as the name of the office. This is one of many examples in New Mexico where the name of the post office did not reflect the name of the community. In this case, the community accepted the new name and has survived.

The Holman Post Office was established, with Charles Holman as the postmaster, on September 17, 1894 . The mail was routed to Watrous on the railroad and transferred to Cleveland, via Mora, on a Star Route. A Star Route out of Cleveland delivered the mail to Holman three days a week.

John Gandert replaced Charles as the postmaster on July 1, 1907. Charles had served the county for almost thirteen years.

Around 1910, the Star Route out of Watrus was changed to originate in Las Vegas and the mail was taken off the train there. The remainder of the routing remained the same.

Luciano Lucero was the third postmaster to serve the Holman residents. His appointment was effective on November 7, 1913. After five and a half years, he transferred the office to John Gandert on March 14, 1919.

John served ten and a half years during his second term as the postmaster for a total of sixteen years in the office.

Onesimo Garcia replaced John on November 20, 1929, and served four years before transferring the office to Victoria M. Cruz on November 10, 1933.

Mrs. Lourdes Ortiz was appointed' to be the seventh postmaster on May 18, 1939. She would become the longest serving, postmaster in the Holman Post Office.

The community continued to grow in the early 1900's. By 1940, the post office was serving approximately 750 residents. The Star Routes bringing the mail from Las Vegas were combined about this time. The one route now served all of the offices between Las Vegas and Chacon.

Mrs. Lourdes Ortiz, after thirty years as the postmaster, retired and Evangelina Maestas was appointed to the postmaster position on June 30, 1969. General Store She moved the post office into her store on Highway 518. 182 square feet of floor space, was dedicated to the post office.

Donna Boney became the next postmaster on April 22, 1977. Donna vacated the position after two and a half years and transferred the office to Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Dolly Gallegos on November 29, 1979.

Dolly served as the acting postmaster until Dorothy Vigil was selected effective March 22, 1980. After thirteen years, Dorothy was promoted to the vacant postmaster position in the Cleveland Post Office and turned the Holman Post Office over to OIC Martha Chavez on March 23, 1993.

Dolly's previous detail as the OIC paid off for her on January 8, 1994, when she was appointed to be the new Holman Postmaster.

The revenue for the Holman Post Office in 1995 was $14,632.53. This was a 108% increase over the 1990 -revenue of $7,017.17. After considering the two postage rate increases, the office still experienced a work load increase of 80%.

In 1994, the Holman Post office was approved to receive a new modular facility. The site for the office was selected on February 17, 1995. On January 15, 1996, Dolly had the pleasure of moving the postal operations into the new 915 square foot building.

Postmaster Appointment Date
---------------------- ------------------
Charles W. Holman--- September 17, 1894
John Gandert--- July 1, 1907
Luciano Lucero--- November 7, 1913
John Gandert--- March 14, 1919
Onesimo Gracia--- November 20, 1929
Victoria M. Cruz--- November 10, 1933
Mrs.Lourdes Ortiz--- May 18, 1939
Evangelina Maestas--- June 30. 1969
Donna M. Boney--- April 22, 1977
Dolly M. Gallegos (OIC)--- November 29, 1979
Dorothy M. Vigil--- March 22, 1980
Martha Chavez (OIC)--- March 23, 1993
Dolly Gallegos--- January 8, 1994

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