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Rainsville, located seven miles east northeast of Mora, is a small farming community. The original name for the small settlement was Llano del Coyote. Coyote, was submitted as a possible name, but could not be used as the post office name because there was already a Coyote Post office in the state.

Julian Rains, who had petitioned for the post office to be authorized, had also suggested the use of his family name. He also had recommended himself for the postmaster position.

The petition was approved and the Rainsville Post Office was established on July 8, 1920. Julian was appointed to the postmaster position. The mail was routed to Las Vegas on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad and then sent to La Cueva on the existing Highway Contract Route (HCR) . A new HCR was established out of the La Cueva Post Office to deliver the mail to Rainsville three days a week.

Julian remained in the office as the postmaster for thirteen years. He resigned and transferred the office to Mauricio Duran on May 1, 1933. Mauricio served for almost six years.

Rosalia Brazil was placed in the office as the acting postmaster on March 28, 1939. She remained until Lucia Duran was appointed to be the third postmaster on October 5, 1939.

The 1940 population was 500 and shrinking. By 1946, the estimated number of residents was down to 300.

In the mid 1950's, the HCR out of the La Cueva Post Office was discontinued and the route out of Las Vegas was changed to provide direct mail service six days a week.

Lucia retired after serving the community for over twenty nine years. She turned the office over to an acting postmaster, Escolastica Casias, on March 31, 1959.

Genevieve D. Rivera, Mauricio Duran's niece, was appointed postmaster on July 20, 1959. Genevieve moved the post office into her home on County Road A029. She served for twenty four years and retired in 1983.

Rainsville was probably the only office in New Mexico to have two different postmasters with the same name serve consecutively. Genevieve D. Romero was appointed to succeed her cousin, Genevieve D. Romero, on August 20, 1983.

Genevieve had the dubious honor of moving the post office to a new location in September of 1983. She moved the office into her home, on County Road A027, and provided 215 square feet of floor space for the operations.

The 1990 National Census reported 195 residents being served by the Rainsville Post Office. The revenue for the office that year was $1,874.36.

Martha Fernandez was detailed as the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the office on October 1, 1992. She served as the OIC for over two years before being appointed to the postmaster position on January 8, 1994.

The revenue for the Rainsville Post office in 1995 was $5,678.79. Even after adjusting for rate increases, this was a retail growth of 175% since 1990.

A proposal to replace the Rainsville Post Office was made and approved in 1996. The site was selected for the facility in September. Martha had the pleasure of moving into the new 915 square foot modular building in April of 1997.

PostmasterAppointment Date
Julian Rains July 8, 1920
Mauricio Duran May 1, 1933
Rosalia Brazil (acting) March 28, 1939
Lucia F. Duran October 5, 1939
Escolastica Casias (acting) March 31, 1959
Genevieve D. Rivera July 20, 1959
Genevieve D. Rivera August 20, 1983
Martha Fernandez (OIC) October 1, 1992

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