Buena Vista is a small agricultural settlement located on the Mora River twenty miles north of Las Vegas and six miles southeast of Mora. The Spanish name means "beautiful view" and refers to the scenery in the area.

The post office was established on May 7, 1923. Frank Korte was appointed to the first postmaster position. The mail was received from a route out of the Las Vegas Post Office.

When Frank resigned on June 30, 1925, the office was discontinued. The mail was sent to the La Cueva Post Office for delivery until Feliberto Lucero accepted the postmaster appointment and reopened the office on September 21, 1927.

Feliberto remained in the office and served the Buena Vista community for fifteen years. When he retired in 1942, the population of Buena Vista was approximately two hundred.

Bernardino Sanchez was appointed to be the third postmaster on December 2, 1942. Bernardo also served for fifteen years before vacating the position.

Jose Manzanares was selected to be the fourth postmaster on February 5, 1957. He served the shortest time of any of the Buena Vista Postmasters. There was a shortage discovered at the office and Jose was removed from the position.

Ursala Garcia was installed as the acting postmaster on May 13, 1959. She was replaced as the acting postmaster after a year by Rebecca Sanchez on April 25, 1960.

Rebecca was selected to be the fifth postmaster for the community on August 19, 1960. She served until her death on September 13, 1977.

Another Bernardino Sanchez became the postmaster on August 12, 1978, after serving as the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) for almost a year. Bernardino had the dubious pleasure of moving the postal operations to a new location in September of 1979. The new site, with 100 square feet of floor space, was one quarter of a mile east of Highway 3. The postal revenue for 1995 was $4,227.57. This was a very healthy increase over the 1990 revenue of $2,382.38 and substantially above the postage rate increases of 28%. When Bernardino died in June of 1995, Annette Martinez was placed in the office as the Officer-in-Charge.

Annette served until Patricia Regensberg was appointed to be the seventh postmaster for the Buena Vista community on May 18, 1996. Patricia had the pleasure of moving the postal operations into a new facility in August of 1997. The funding for the 550 square foot modular building was approved in 1996 and the site was selected in September.

Postmaster   Appointment Date
----------------------   ------------------
Frank Korte --- May 7, 1923
Feliberto Lucero --- September 21, 1927
Bernardino O. Sanchez --- December 2, 1942
Jose M. Manzanares --- February 5, 1957
Ursula E. R. Garcia (act) --- May 22, 1959
Rebecca M. Sanchez --- April 25, 1960
Bernardino D.D. Sanchez --- September 23, 1977
Annette E. Martinez (OIC) --- June 24, 1995
Patricia Regensberg --- May 18, 1996
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